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Welcome To Pahang

Pahang is the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, with a plethora of hidden gems and immaculate beaches For that reason, we are hosting PAHANG OCEAN PADDLE INTERNATIONAL CHALLENGE, the first of its kind in Malaysia, with the goal of promoting sport tourism as one of the biggest industries in Pahang. Therefore, we invite all participating nations worldwide, from all walks of life to come to Pahang in November 2023 and enjoy the waves and our beautiful beaches.

Ocean canoeing is considered new to our nation and it is important for us to grow the sport and at the same time we take this ultimate opportunity to invite you to visit our country, whilst competing with the best and enthusiastic paddlers from all over the world We promise you the warmest Malaysian hospitality and feel good experience.

We are counting on you...

YAB Dato’ Sri Haji
Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail

Menteri Besar Pahang